Life Through The Eyes of a Child

So, in my home since day 1 there has been a visiting granddaughter named Danna.  She has been a little bright spot to have around.  Her sister and mom were also in the home at the beginning, but returned home to Manila last week.  This week Danna will leave tomorrow morning and join her family in Manila.  I will be sad to have her go.  It has been fun to play games, sing songs, make silly faces, tickle, make up jokes, and in general be funny with this little girl.  I will certainly miss the joy she has brought to my every day routine this first 3 weeks.  Not many people ask for the one and only knock knock joke i have about 20 times in 2 weeks so they can memorize it too. 😉  Also she has had relatives and friends over and I imagine the young ones won’t be around after she leaves. 😦  I taught them how to play dominoes and we played a word game similar to boggle several times.  Last night we also watched Kung Fu Panda on my laptop and they’ve asked to watch another movie tonight.  We will see if time permits this evening.  🙂

I have been reminded daily of the simple pleasures a child has in more basic things and for that I am thankful.  Just seeing friends, spending time playing, learning new games or songs, etc.  Things adults often forget about or take for granted.  I am thankful for Donna and hope her flights tomorrow go well back to Manila.  She is a very bright and sweet girl who will be greatly missed in our home.  Please pray for her safety as she travels.  I am thankful she will keep being a bright spot to many in her home in Manila also even though it is hard because they only moved a year ago so all of her friends are here and she doesn’t want to leave either.  I have certainly enjoyed her company and smiling face, full of energy and delight!  🙂  Don’t forget to remember the simple pleasures in life and hug and love on the ones you care about!

20141112_191540 20141112_201303

These are pictures from our last night together.  She was crying when she left and we miss her much!  She was a bright smiling face whenever you got to see her and we did get to watch a movie, but since her cousin was over they chose Shrek 4. 🙂  Princess is the older girl in the second photo who stays at our house.


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One thought on “Life Through The Eyes of a Child

  1. You are telling the truth. Many times adults would be happier if they could see life through the eyes of a child. Children bring light into our lives, if we let them! Telling a child how much you enjoy spending time with them makes a huge improvement in their self-esteem, too. ❤ 🙂


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