The laundry man who knows my name

There have been a total of 4 times now I have dropped off laundry to be washed in the 2 and 1/2 weeks I’ve been here.  The first time I found out it takes up to 3 days to get my laundry back which I hadn’t planned for so I had to pay to rush it in 2 days.  Since that time I have been able to get my laundry back anywhere from the next day to 3 days, but always make sure I can do without it for at least 3.  I have used the same place for my laundry each time and by the middle of last week the man who owns the computer shop where I drop off the laundry started saying hello by name.  This shocked and pleasantly surprised me as he was the first in the community to know my name and use it.  He is always friendly and says hello even recognizing me in the evening when it is dark if he is still around.  I now look for him in his regular spots and say hello when I see him always returning his ever friendly smile.  He has come to be a familiar face I look for and this connection was only made because they do my laundry!  The little things do matter.  I have been told his name is Robert so I plan to try to use his name from now on as a matter of respect as well! 🙂  I know his wife who was the first one to take my laundry and weigh it at home in her little sari sari (small in home store) as well as a younger guy who I am assuming is a son that works for them usually at the computer shop part.  I am glad to have some friendly familiar faces along the street when I return home from work or going downtown on my walk to my place. 🙂  I will try to get a few pictures of where I am staying and the little area of bliss I see every day that I can post in another update.  I hope you enjoy the little things in your day and don’t forget the regular interactions with people whose day you can make a little brighter with a smile or learning their name and giving a friendly greeting!

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One thought on “The laundry man who knows my name

  1. Remember back in the summer when I mentioned to you that there was a lady standing outside Sav-a-Lot with her arms full of items. I had purchased one too many bags and offered her the extra bag I had in my cart so she wouldn’t have to juggle her things. She was so happy about an extra grocery bag. She thanked me several times and it impressed me how such a little thing had given her a moment of happiness. Indeed, these small acts of human kindness, even smiles or nods, acknowledge someone and let them know you noticed them. Kirby, it is exciting that you are gaining so much relationship knowledge. Keep sharing your smile! I love you tons and more.


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