So, yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US!  I hope everyone celebrated with family and friends and focused on the many things they are blessed with no matter how big or small!  I was blessed with the ability to cook part of a traditional meal with my host family and they graciously allowed me to share some of my cultural practices with them and willing and enthusiastically participated as well.  I was able to make roasted chicken (which turned out very tender, juicy, and flavorful), mashed potatoes, gravy, and brownies!  It was quite nice and we were able to go around and say things for which we were thankful as well!  It really was a cool experience. 🙂

It has been a strange week.  I have been battling a headcold with lots of mucus, coughing, etc. and even taking meds I brought with haven’t rid my body of the yuckiness of it all.  However it’s been the most unique week of all so far.  Monday was spent getting my visa renewed which I had attempted to do unsuccessfully on Friday much to my frustration and I truly didn’t handle it well, but Monday things went smoothly.  After getting that squared away, I picked up a surprise package sent from my church, and went grocery shopping at the brand new supermarket.  It is much larger than the others, but also a bit more pricey, but I will say they have some things I was unable to find elsewhere.  Time spent was educational and I was able to get some things so that is good.  The rest of the afternoon I spent at home in Bliss just relaxing and getting things organized a bit.

Tuesday I went to see the potential new project I would be considering helping with.  I was able to help with finishing to repair a chicken coupe.  It was lots of manual labor and very hot.  I definitely felt like I had done a fair share of work when we got all done.  My shirt was soaked with sweat in under 2 hours and in the middle of the afternoon we also got rain so then I was soaked with rain. 🙂  When I returned home I was exhausted and ridiculously dirty.  I immediately showered and then spent the evening looking somewhat zombie like because I was tired, but didn’t want to go to bed too early.  The decision was that I would continue with the women’s shelter as the ladies requested I stay longer, but be available anytime the volunteers working at the boy’s shelter (which is much farther away) need help.  I will also consider getting involved in one or 2 other side projects yet to be determined.

Wednesday, I was feeling very rough so didn’t go to work.  Slept in and then tried to just spend some time relaxing and resting my body.  It also rained all day which made it rather dreary, but a bit cooler so that was nice.  I watched a movie in the afternoon with my Kuya which was also nice.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, I went to the women’s shelter in the morning and helped prepare the powerpoints for the Happy Birthday celebration for a couple of the girls.  Then came home and prepared the meal for Thanksgiving and spent the evening with my family here.  It was a nice time. 🙂

This am I was able to sleep in a bit.  Now I am preparing to leave and head to work for the celebration of the girls birthday!  I will try to give an update again soon.  Will not be going on the excursion this weekend, but possibly will have the opportunity to go explore some caves one day this weekend. 🙂  Hoping to feel better soon also, Lord willing so that it doesn’t keep me from being able to do as much as possible here.

My main lesson that I’ve gotten all week long is summed up as follows: In all things, no matter what the circumstances, I need to learn to be content.  Again Paul is my reminder that this is indeed possible and where the Lord would have me be.  Whether sick or healthy, hot or cold, well rested or tired, in comfort or in pain, with plenty or little, lonely or encircled with friends, in all things I am to be content.  All things are to the glory of the Lord and I am where I am supposed to be, so in that I should find confidence.  This is a work in progress, but I’m grasping the concept and am thankful for God’s patience as He shows me this every day!  Love to everyone and hope you can glean something from the lessons the Lord is teaching me as well!

Happy Black Friday Shopping to all those who will be up and at em in a couple hours! 🙂  I will not be among you this year, so enjoy and be safe! 😉

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One thought on “Lessons

  1. You go girl! Sometimes your head prolly hurts from all the new stuff you are learning. LOL It is really nice that you shared a meal and some of our family traditions with your host family. It is also wonderful that you have lessons from the Bible that are helping you make connections for the circumstances in which you are finding yourself daily. Enjoyed talking with you, too. Keep doing your best bc it makes Jesus happy to have you as an open book and a willing tool. xoxox 🙂


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