Beautiful Diversity


A beautiful mini waterfall we stopped at briefly on the trip to Can Avid

First of all, I am sorry for the delay in posting. It has been a busy couple of weeks so I will try to include a few things while I am able to. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are preparing to have a fun New Years!

On the 18th of December, I was invited to go to deliver relief to a city in Samar near the harder hit areas from Typhoon Ruby. It was an interesting day for sure. Up early and at the center to load the vans, but they ended up being about an hour and a half late so we just waited around at the center until they arrived. When they did get there we hauled several 50 pound bags of rice and prepacked hygiene items to the 2 vans taking us to Can Avid. It was about a 4 hour drive to get to the city. Much of which we spent time trying to cat nap, but I did see that the island of Samar was full of diverse beauty! There was much lush green landscape filled with a vast variety of flora and fauna. Also a wide variety of rock and clay. There were 3 colors of clay red, orange, and a brownish yellow. Then there was green limestone, gray slate/shale, and a host of different boulders and smaller rocks. I saw rice fields, open plains, forests, mountains, waterfalls, ocean/sea, and more. Certainly a beautiful island and God loves diversity!

Once we arrived we were greeted warmly by the contact in the city. She had arranged for a meal to be prepared before we handed out any of the supplies. So once we unloaded the vans into a room by the road, we went to eat our meal, before preparing to hand out the needed supplies. There had already been a prearranged amount of folks approved for the supplies we were bringing and they had been given slips to turn in to receive the supplies. We paired off and had the folks line up to sign their names, turn in their slips, and receive a kilo of rice, a prepacked hygiene bag, and a t-shirt until we ran out of shirts. The folks were so ready to receive supplies when we returned from eating our meal they were already lined up, ready, and waiting. When we started handing out supplies it was a busy process, but went pretty quickly. I will post the photo I have from before we started. Too much going on during distribution to stop and take a photo.

After distribution we were able to walk around a bit and see some of the damage to the city we were in which was roughly 30 min to an hour from the heart of the storm damage. I have a few photos of some of the damage and will post them as well for you. When the van arrived to pick us up we started the 4+ hour trip back home. We all snacked then rested as much as possible for the trip back. It was a very long day considering we were only in the city about 2-3 hours and the trek was over 8 hours of driving, but we did manage to come back. Originally they had told us that because of the condition of the roads and the fact that there had been and continued to be alot of rain we may not be able to get back and could have to stay overnight without a place to stay truly. I had come prepared to stay if necessary, but was very glad we were able to return, because Friday I needed to go down and get my visa renewed and that would have been a bit harder to do with little to no sleep. God is good at knowing what we need and providing it. 🙂

Overall, it was a successful trip and I was glad to be able to help! Those that received supplies were very thankful and everyone was nice. It was an experience I appreciated and would do again! Here are the photos:


Showing devastation at the local school



Another shot of the school



Everyone lined up waiting to get their relief supplies



Local Plaza completely collapsed roof



Entrance to Plaza



Far end of Plaza



The Plaza is right behind me and at the end of this street is the ocean/sea – flood waters came right in



A few of the local homes destroyed/severely damaged by Typhoon Ruby


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3 thoughts on “Beautiful Diversity

  1. Thanks for volunteering and helping. more blessings to come and God bless you and your group


    • Thank you! I am wrapping up my time in the Philippines this week, but want to thank you for your kind comment. Volunteering is a passion of mine and I am thankful to be able to come and help!

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  2. Valerie Schuler

    Good job, keeping us updated on your assignments. Glad to hear you find something good even in the midst of the storm damage. God has beauty in almost all places if we allow ourselves to see it. Keep doing your best!


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