So you wanna leave a legacy and be remembered when you are gone.  My advice is as follows.  Start by doing something you are passionate about and enjoy doing!  Do it well and show the quality you have to offer no matter what type of job or how small the task.  Next, teach someone something they want to know how to do, then watch their eyes light up when they get it and feel empowered to do it on their own.  Learn something from another person’s life experiences that change your own perspectives/views on life.  Finally, make a difference to one person and whether you see the mushroom impact or not, I guarantee it will be there!

Your legacy doesn’t have to include your name, and it doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of people attend your memorial/funeral.  Although many people seem to think they need these things I promise it is much more important to use your time here on earth making small differences than to be rich and famous or try to change the world en masse.  It is much more effective to change one person’s life and in turn have them change another’s life than to try to get a bunch of people in a group to really change.  A small difference to one person will change their life forever and they will not forget you.  A large “change” for many people will usually become a popular fad and once the next comes along will be gone with the wind because it lacks the personalization needed to change at the base level.  Think of it this way, if you attend a memorial for someone that has recently passed and left a legacy behind, what do folks say when you ask how they knew the person.  Sure there may be familial ties and clubs/groups, but the ones that move you are those who explain a personal story of how that person impacted their life and often helped them to make a permanent change for the better.  This comes from spending time and making a specific effort to get to know someone and doing something to help them in their specific time of life.  The Lord’s best tool is a willing heart that will get to know others with compassion, trust, love, and a desire to learn what each other needs to succeed or improve their life.  It is rarely easy because often you must sacrifice time which is indeed our most valuable resource.  However, being willing to share of your time will open doors for you to share your talents and abilities, as well as, knowledge in many areas that otherwise you would have left untouched.

A legacy is not wisdom, fame, fortune, or even a collection of experiences but rather a life touched and changed because you came into contact.  Often times this may be a short time, but it is something you needed to move you on to the next step of life.  If you are making impacts in the lives of those around you, you will not soon be forgotten even if the media never talks about you or knows your name.  Even if no one knows you slip from this earth and have entered the heavenly realm, your impact will be your legacy forever.  I remember those that have shifted my perspective, or directed my thinking to a new line, or shown kindness and gentleness when it wasn’t deserved, etc.  While I have forgotten numerous names and faces over the years that did not spend any time investing in my life.  If you know me, you will know I love to learn and I especially love other cultures at least in big part because that always continues to broaden your perspective on the world.  There are so many different ways to look at one particular situation/subject and I am thankful to have been given the ability to continue to learn various ways to think about life, how I live it, what is important, and why we are here!

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