Cordoba, Horse Therapy, & Worship!

Hola & Buenos Dias everyone!  So, I did take pictures of my work at Tatu Carretta, but it takes way too long to try to upload the pictures on this site so I will not post them all here because there are alot.  I will try to get an album up sometime soon and post a link here.  🙂

I successfully moved into my last placement here in Cordoba, last Sunday evening and have successfully been here in the city for the week.  I started my new placement on Tuesday, but it’s been a rather rainy week and it’s the last week of vacation for most kids, so my first job which is Horse Therapy, hasn’t actually involved any Therapy or lessons just yet.  I work in the evenings right now, but it’s a long ride to get to work so I leave around 3 to walk 30 min or so to the bus terminal, then the bus takes around an hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less to get to the stop where I get off and walk the last few minutes to the horse farm.  It is called El Jaguel.  I am usually there around 4:45 or 5 pm and finish work around 8 or 8:30, arriving back home around 9:30 or 10.  It’s alot of traveling for not alot of hours of work, however I am working on hopefully making some changes to that.  There are several things I have observed that need changed at the farm.  There was a flood 2 weeks ago which did not help the situation, however there are some issues that have obviously been an ongoing problem for awhile so after my second day I began the process of figuring out what was needed to make a difference.  I have had my meeting with the lady who is in charge of this volunteer opportunity for the local organization EduQuality.  We are now in the process of planning a meeting with the head of the horse farm where I will present my ideas and desire to help make some changes.  Hopefully at this meeting the ideas will be well received and we can start making some improvements for the care of the horses.  I’m thankful to have the knowledge I do about horse care to be able to not only see the problems, but offer possible solutions or adjustments that can be made to improve the care so the horses are able to live longer better lives and in turn provide income for longer for the farm.  Anyway hopefully we will have a meeting Monday or Tuesday, so you can be praying that goes well and we are able to not be offensive, but make a difference in the lives of these horses who are not currently receiving adequate care.  I am excited to hopefully get involved with some actual therapy in the next two weeks when classes should be starting back up provided the rain is not as much as it has been the last 2 weeks.  As many of you are tired of snow, ice, and cold, I am tired of rain.  I miss the sun, even if it is strong and makes it very hot, at least it is a drying agent that allows people to clean up from the flood and is helpful for getting work done. 🙂

Now for the real reason I wanted to write a blog post tonight.  Through a series of events I was led to a church on the other side of the city today.  I really wanted to find a protestant church in the city to attend while I am here, even though I knew it would be in Spanish and would be a little more difficult to find because the majority are Catholic Cathedrals here.  It was approximately an hour walk across the city from where I live because the buses are not close that could take me to that area and weren’t direct.  They would take about as much time as it would take me to walk and I’d still have to walk to the bus stop and several blocks from where the bus would let me off, so I decided walking was more direct and overall a better option.  Well I got about 2/3 of the way when my house mom saw me and picked me up and took me to church so that was nice and saved me a bit of time. 🙂  When I arrived at the church, I quickly found the lady that someone I had met in La Falda had connected me with so I could come to this church.  I was introduced to other people very quickly and some speak English well.  Others speak or understand a little English, so with my ever increasing Spanish, I did pretty well communicating.  They immediately made me feel welcome and that is always something I am thankful about at any church!  I was impressed at not only the size of this church (most big churches are cathedrals), but also how many young people there were at this service.  Tomorrow there are regular Sunday services at 10 am and 7 pm, but tonight was a young adult meeting.  One girl that I was introduced took me with her to the front row when the service was starting.  Now is where the experience begins!

I learned a very important and interesting lesson this evening!  I was in a Spanish only worship service, yet the words didn’t matter.  More than half of the words, I wasn’t sure of the meaning, but not only was I able to sing along, but I felt the presence of the Lord equally as strong as if I was in an English worship service where I knew all the words and the meaning of every song.  The important thing here is that worship isn’t about the words or even the music.  It’s about praising our Lord & Savior and the good news is that He understands and accepts EVERY language whether we know it or not!  I had a whole body of young adults and youth behind me singing their hearts out and praising the Lord and a worship team on the stage who were engaging and encouraging us to abandon ourselves and love on Jesus!  Words aren’t the important thing when praising the Lord, what is in your heart is what matters!  I really truly worshiped Jesus in Spanish even though I didn’t understand everything I was singing, I knew it was praise!  I enjoyed every minute of that worship service and I know Jesus enjoyed hearing all of us!  I am very excited about going back tomorrow evening to see what their regular service worship is like.

The sermon is a bit harder for me to understand, but I still follow along with scriptures when given and make out points of the message here and there.  🙂 It is however good practice for Spanish comprehension.  I was also encouraged that there were others there who when they found out I am here volunteering and wanted to know if there are opportunities to get involved with the church in local outreaches, told me about some things they do as a church and took my phone number.  I am looking forward to seeing what can come out of these new contacts and am so thankful the Lord continues to show me, He has all the details worked out even when I am stressing about them. 🙂  I am very excited about my new potential opportunities and a place to attend church while I am here.  I also plan to visit La Falda a time or two while I am still here in Argentina and will get to visit the church I attended once there, that started all of these connections!  God is a good God ordering and directing our paths all the time even when we are unaware!  I look forward to hopefully sharing some pictures on Facebook soon, as well as sharing here about the next thing I learn!  I hope you are all encouraged to abandon yourselves and worship the Lord this week and every week no matter what the language, circumstance, or people watching you might think. 😉  Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Cordoba, Horse Therapy, & Worship!

  1. So cool! This is how i fell in love with Spanish, through worship!


    • 🙂 Well, it’s really funny to sing a song in Spanish every once in awhile that I know in English, because I find myself trying to figure out if the translation is similar or very different. 😉 Overall though worship at church is one of my favorite things here. O and taking communion was very different as well, but in a really cool way! The church here in Cordoba is quite large and they handed out pieces of bread, that I thought were too large until I watched what they did. Each person is to take their piece of bread, go to another, break off a small portion and offer it to the other person, they in turn offer a small piece of their bread and so you “break bread” with many people in the church. That to me was the first time I had seen anything like it, but is very amazing. Each person is a little different. Some will give a mini prayer or blessing when you embrace after sharing the bread, others just do the customary kiss on the cheek, and others will give a hug or kind word, but either way it is a great way to interact with many others and is the first time I’ve seen an interesting interpretation of the breaking of bread together – if I had a church, this would be the way I’d want my body of believers to take communion! 🙂


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