Easter & Supplies

So again, it has been a longer than I would like time since I’ve written to update. 😦  Sometimes, time seems to get away from me.  I will start by saying there is alot going on so I’ll try to catch everyone up.  Right now, is exactly my 2 week mark till I’ll be arriving back in the USA.  Seems kind of crazy 6 months have already passed since I saw family and friends.  Time certainly is a funny thing.  That being said I have a LOT to accomplish in the next 2 weeks before I head home.

A few weeks ago my mom surprised me, by explaining she had felt the Lord leading to get a little extra money together to provide me with the opportunity to purchase some of the items the horse farm really is in desperate need of.  More donations came in than either of us had thought would.  I have spent a large portion of my free time the last couple of weeks looking around, asking for prices, going to many stores and different parts of town trying to track down the list of items I put together as essentials that were missing or in really bad shape at the farm.  The problem has been finding alot of these items is difficult and some are extremely expensive.  The Lord knew what I would need and it has been a blessing that more money has come in than we would have thought because often to get the items I need I’m having to pay 2, 3 or more times what I would pay in the USA.  I have 3 more essential items I plan to purchase Thursday or Friday this week and believe I have enough to purchase them, possibly with a little bit of money left over.  I am trying to use the extra money to purchase items needed for a homemade fly spray for the horses because although I was able to buy a chemical product at one store, it was so expensive I know once it is gone, they will not buy more.  My solution for that was to try to find cheaper ingredients that could be mixed by future volunteers from a recipe and be an option for more regular use on the horses.  The flies are very bad and the horses are not normally getting any relief, most of them having bleeding fly bites on their ankles daily.  This is not only annoying for them, but can be dangerous and lead to other things that can cause lameness in the horses.  So, as you can tell the leg work is alot to try to find items, get prices, buy them, and then figure out how to transport them to the farm.  I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength and patience when I need them, to keep going, because many times it feels an impossibly overwhelming task as I am limited to the time of walking and the expense of public transportation in a city where things that are needed often seem to be in various different parts of town.  I am also going to try to create a couple of videos during my last 2 days for future volunteers to hopefully be able to continue working to improve the lives of the horses.  I will hopefully be spending some time this week organizing what I have been able to buy and assigning places for the products so that they continue to stay in decent condition and are around for future volunteers, too.  These are big tasks to complete in a short time period, but I believe the Lord will guide me and make a way for things to be completed!

In other news, last Sunday (a week ago) I was able to be in La Falda with my first family to celebrate Easter!  That was a very unique and fun experience with them.  I was able to go to church with them in the morning, enjoy a special lunch where they gave me a chocolate egg just like their own children, go on an evening walk in the mountains which was absolutely beautiful since it is the beginning of fall here, attend my church after the walk, meet up with my Spanish teacher and mom for coffee after church, and end the night spending time with my friends from my La Falda church!  It was certainly a busy day, but I enjoyed it and really enjoyed celebrating with people I care about who also believe in Jesus!  Saturday night I was also able to dye eggs with my mom and “little brother” Giovanni!  They had never heard of doing anything like that and since they use a decent amount of hard boiled eggs in the cooking here, I thought it would be a fun activity that wouldn’t go to waste!  They had a blast decorating & designing different things and trying different colors, etc. 🙂  There are pictures I posted on Facebook of the egg dyeing, church of my family, and mountain hike if you haven’t seen them yet and want to take a look.  Overall, it was a great weekend that I was able to spend with my family!  I will not get to see my “mom” & “dad” when I visit next weekend as they will be away on vacation, but I will see my “brothers & sisters”. 🙂  It is also the birthday for one of my friends from church next Sunday, so I will get to celebrate with him before I leave!

Next weekend will be my last weekend in Argentina and I will be spending it in La Falda.  When I come back I will have 4 days of work (2 at each project), then I will be preparing to head to the airport Saturday afternoon on April 25.  In a future post I’ll give the details about flights so everyone can be praying for safe travels and such.  In the meantime today begins my goodbyes.  Tonight will be the last time I can attend church at my Cordoba city church since I will be gone next weekend so I must say goodbye to those I know from here.  I will be spending this afternoon before going to church bowling with a couple of the girls I have been able to interact with the most here in Cordoba, so that will be a fun way to spend my last Sunday afternoon & evening here in Cordoba!  🙂  I have also tried to make time to visit some museums and churches while I have been here in Cordoba, to get a better feel and understanding of some of the cultural history here.  I have an album of pictures from the city and places I’ve visited also up on Facebook for those that would enjoy seeing them I will post the link here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.797335237634.1073741838.100300449&type=1&l=3bc3944355

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my quick update of what has been going on.  I hope that my next update will be soon and I’ll be able to tell you I was able to purchase all the supplies needed as well as get everything organized at the farm!  I do want to thank each of you who helped by sending what the Lord laid on your heart to send for donations, I was surprised!  So far I have been able to buy proper brushes, hoof picks, shampoo & supplies to properly wash the horses when I am able, fly spray, some of the items to make our own repellent, and part of a muck fork for cleaning the stalls (still need to find the right size handle).  I am hoping to also buy a wheelbarrow, shovel or two, the rest of the supplies needed for the repellent, and possibly some other small things.  If I have money left over I plan to set up a request with the organization I’m volunteering through to purchase additional bedding for the stalls for a period of time.  The Lord knows what is needed and I’m certain He will make it clear to me, the wisest way to use the money over the next couple of weeks!

I hope each of you enjoyed your Easter and were able to remember that Jesus is the most important thing!  He loves each of us immensely and was willing to give up everything so that we can continue to stay united with Him and live with Him forever!  I am ever thankful for His never ending presence and guidance in my life even when I have a rough day, I am never alone! 🙂  Thanks again for each and every one of my prayer warriors!  I couldn’t be here without the encouragement and prayers of others!  I will be writing again soon!  Have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “Easter & Supplies

  1. You are a great steward of the funds He has provided for the farm. You are being the catalyst for positive changes in the care of the horses. Once again, thanks for sharing your heart. Many prayers and much love coming your way as you complete this part of your trip. We are excited for your return, too. xoxoxox ❤ 🙂


  2. You’re the energizer Easter bunny!

    I was unable to contribute but the impact you’re making is awesome!


    • Thank you for the prayers and encouragement! Jesus has provided plenty! 🙂 Gonna be home this time next week. Hopefully I’ll see ya at church first weekend in May. I will not get home until midday or later on Sunday, but will be in church the next Sunday! 🙂


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