I’ve now been in Malaysia a little over a month and so much has happened.  Since my last update 2 big changes have taken place, English classes & moving.

Last week, I started helping with the English classes.  Some days have been better than others.  I ended up only having 3 classes, 1 younger & 2 slightly older, just because of the number of kids.  There is one teen class, but that is not my responsibility most of the time, but I did help out once with it.  I seem to do better with the 2 slightly older classes because they seem to get the concepts a little quicker and we make it through my plans usually.  The younger class I have a little harder time helping them get the concepts quickly enough and usually we do not make it all the way through the lesson.  :/  I have mostly successfully planned all the lessons and I think I am getting the hang of it.  The biggest thing is how much time you have to spend planning, preparing, organizing, etc. for the lesson.  Giving the instruction is often the easy part.  Yikes, I don’t think I want to do this for a profession all the time.  Since I use the same lesson for 3 classes I only have to actually plan 3 lessons a week, if I had to do more I’d be in big trouble.

The other big change is my place of residence.  I am still in the same location, but now living with a local lady and her daughter.  I am renting a room in their home.  It will help me get a better feel for the culture & also hopefully provide me some opportunities to learn/practice more of the language & customs.  There are some unique things to deal with like only a squatty potty (which although not the most comfortable is workable – no reading for leisure on this potty), no hot water (I have found that a cool shower in the morning can actually be quite refreshing though), the need to boil water for drinking (this is quite a time consuming task as it takes considerable time to cool down because it’s so hot here normally), etc.  Overall though, I think this is a nice place and once I get to interact a little more with the family I think it could be very rewarding and eye opening!  I’m thankful that I can be established here until the end of the month/early Jan.  Then it will be time to move again, but to a different town (the location still to be determined).  Please keep that move in your thoughts as it will be a big decision & I want to be where I am supposed to be, doing only what He wants me to be doing.

I have also started meeting with a teen Chinese girl who I met through the center.  She is very interested in talking & sharing cultural aspects & I’m hoping some doors will open for me to share some more personal things with her.  She works 7 days a week & right now I am helping every day but Sunday, so working around our schedules can be tricky.  Please be prying for opportunities to open up for us to meet & also to talk about deeper topics!

I am thankful to have a motorbike to borrow and to have been able to get my motorcycle license before I left.  It really makes it much easier and nicer to be able to get around on my own especially since walking would be a bit time consuming and super hot each day and there isn’t really any public transportation in this town.  If I lived here, I would definitely invest in one of the motorbikes because they get you around here quickly enough and are super cheap to gas up (just over $1).  The only problem is when it rains you get soaked and it does rain almost every day usually in the late afternoon, but they are so popular, just about every store/shop has special spots just for motorbikes!

I want to say thank you to each of you who faithfully follows along and keeps me in your thoughts!  I am glad my mom is able to post these for me so you can still get updates periodically!  I hope to write again in a couple weeks when classes are over, but before the holidays and maybe by then I will know where I’ll be heading for January!  🙂  Have a great day and don’t forget to enjoy each of your everyday blssings most  people don’t even think about!

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