Holiday & Changes

So, it’s Holiday time, the English program has finished for me, & I’m starting to work out what next month looks like.  There have been some busy days this week with my travels to the big city to research options there for next month, getting prepared for our holiday celebration (mostly making different food items), & my desire to incorporate some local things into my unique Holiday experience this year.  Overall, things are going well.  I have just a week left here before I need to move everything to KL.  There is plenty to do in that time, but thankfully we do not have classes, so I have been trying to get caught up on my personal to do list.  Today has been a bit more relaxed & productive which is always good.  I still have a few things to do, but may try to work on them tonight or Sunday afternoon.  I will try to scale back my things here & prepare for the move as well as help with whatever random projects I can at the center or around the house as they finish the preparations for the baby & get ready for a new school year starting in January.

There are still quite a few unknowns about my time in January.  I had a great connection with the folks I met over last weekend in the city & things looked like they were going to go relatively smoothly, I was just going to need help finding a place to stay.  But the night I returned here, their business got broken into & now there are a lot of things they are having to consider.  Most likely I will still be spending January in the big city of KL, but I will possibly be helping with a different project.  Rather than helping with a food stand, it’s more likely I’ll be helping with some kids with special needs.  That project is in a different part of the city & with people I have not had the opportunity of meeting, but they are friends of the folks I did meet, so I’ll be exactly wherever the Lrd would have me be I’m sure!  Please continue to think about this as I figure out what my time will be spent doing, where I will stay, & how to help those who’s lives got changed literally overnight.  Everything happens for a reason, sometimes we get the privilege of knowing that reason, but sometimes we do not, yet it’s still important to trust the wisdom, guidance, & direction from above.

I hope each and every one of you has had a marvelous Holiday celebration & have a great week getting ready for the New Year as well!  This week is going to be a very full one with trying to get things ready for the center with the new school year approaching quickly, the earlier than expected arrival of the baby, saying goodbyes, & preparing to move.  I’m sure each & every day will be non-stop & time will go quickly.  I am excited to see & experience whatever KL has to offer me also.  I am glad to have some friends there even if I won’t be helping them because we will likely get together a few times to see & experience some things in the area!  If you are willing you can make friends anywhere & you can see the good in even the tough situations, although sometimes that can be rather difficult.  I will be a bit sad to leave some of my new friends here who I’m enjoying getting to know a little better & trying to share some about myself also, but it will be interesting to have a change in pace & lifestyle shift again.  Just around a month left of this adventure, so I want to be sure I’m doing my best to make the most of it!  I will try to update again when I get in to KL & know a bit more about what I am doing, but in the meantime just know I’m trying to be open & have willing hands & feet wherever I am led.

Don’t forget that it’s important to be thankful for everything you have even if it seems small, there are plenty of people who don’t have even that.  Although this country is not nearly as “poverty” full as many I have been in, there are other things that are lacking or restrictive that remind me EVERY thing is a blssng from above!  Also, be certain you are telling those who are important/make an impact on your life what they mean to you!  There is no reason to wait till someone passes & then realizing you wish you’d said so many things while they were still here.  No one is guaranteed any amount of time & things don’t happen on our time line or when we would like so be sure you are living each and every day in a way you would be okay with if it was your last!

It’s a good reminder at the Holidays & always to focus on the experiences/time spent/memories we get to share with others rather than all the “stuff” we are constantly inundated with in the western world.  It’s even important to remember to not miss the moment by trying to capture it with a photo or any other distraction.  Although pictures & videos are great things, I find that sometimes we get so focused on the right shot/angle/etc. that even that causes us to actually miss the experience by trying to be able to share it with someone else.  Make sure you are grasping all the beauty, wonder, splendor, & emotion of the moment before you try to capture it for someone else.  Even if you have an awesome photo, if you missed actually living the experience & enjoying it for all it is worth, what have you gained?  Remember, if you make a huge impact in the world, but have not love – you have nothing.  Read 1 Cor. 13 to grasp what I am trying to say here.  Always check your perspective & be sure you are keeping focused on the right things.  If you aren’t sure what the right things are then spend time pryng, seeking, & asking what it is you should be focused on!  It is not always the same for all people.

Until next time, thanks for being a great support & for all the thoughts sent my way!  I couldn’t be where I am and do what I do without all of you! J  Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word to express what I want to say, but I hope you all know what I mean!  I will write again as soon as I can!  Happy Holidays!

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One thought on “Holiday & Changes

  1. Excited to see where the next part of your journey takes you and what plans He has for you to accomplish! I love you bunches.


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