January in KL

So, many of you know by now that I returned to the US a few days early at the end of January.  I was able to successfully surprise my family despite the blizzard delaying my first set of flights.  It was the biggest surprise I’ve ever pulled off for my family thanks to the help of my best friends!  It has been a busy couple of weeks back in the US, but I hope to accomplish some big tasks for myself this month & see what doors the Lord opens next for me.

During my time in Kuala Lumpur (KL), I was able to help out in two different ways.  One thing I did was work with a school a couple days a week as a floating assistant.  The other was helping out with the food business owned by the people I stayed with.  They had a need to get things more organized & efficient in their kitchen as well as work on what a better inventory would look like in order to hopefully make less trips to stores, spending less time doing things that pull them away from more essential duties, etc.  I am happy to report I was able to get things better arranged for them & show them a more spatially efficient way to organize the kitchen.  The initial parts of the inventory process were also begun & will hopefully serve them better as the year goes on!  🙂  I am glad the Lord was able to show me ways to use my eclectic variety of skills while I was away.  Especially since I had no idea what the month of January might hold for me!

I really made great friendships with the folks I spent January with & will continue to keep in touch with them!  They helped me to experience many things in & around the area of KL as well as get a very good feel of the different type of lifestyle in the city!  There was never a dull moment & I was amazed each and every time we would talk about something & they would say, “Oh you can do that here!”  It really was a busy, but amazing time! I have posted a bunch of photos on Facebook that some of you have already seen I’m sure.  They are some of the memories & moments I am glad to share with you.  🙂  Malaysia was definitely an interesting country & if the Lord permits I think it would be awesome to get a chance to return at some point.  I made many good friendships & am happy for all the doors that opened!

I look forward to speaking with those of you who have more in depth questions about my trip & what I learned/how I have grown!  Overall, Malaysia treated me well & I’m definitely missing the warmer weather!  Enjoy pictures & private message me with any questions & maybe we can get together & chat.  I hope you have enjoyed my posts which my mom so gracious put up for me while I was away & like the pictures I put up on Facebook! 🙂

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