New Direction & Exciting Steps Forward!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a post, but much has been going on since I got back from Malaysia.  Without all the details I’ll give the basics of the last seven months.  February, March, & the first half of April were spent doing a variety of things with two primary goals.  I wanted to clean, sort, organize, and purge much of my belongings in preparation for some sort of big move/change this year, but without a clear direction about what that would be.  I had felt before I left for Malaysia, that the Lord was laying it on my heart to make time and space for doing just that when I returned home before going back to work.  During that time, my best friends had to make some big changes in their lives as well and that meant an unplanned move to Idaho.  I was thankful that I was able to assist with this large project and spent roughly a month in Pennsylvania with them, helping with the packing and preparing process.  It was a very unique time to see how the Lord made preparations for things well out of the ordinary and to be blessed by being able to assist in a way that could only have been arranged by the Lord!  There were many times I thanked the Lord for knowing what we need and when we will need it even as I was sad for all the change, I was glad to be of assistance!

Around mid-April I returned to working two jobs in the Lewes area.  I also began actively seeking and applying for jobs all around the United States in non-profits and charities.  I applied for anything I thought I might be able to do, that would allow me to use my skills and fulfill my passions on a full time basis rather than just doing it part of the year through my volunteer work.  As usual, I kept getting no responses indicating they had gone with someone more experienced.  Many of you know I’ve been traveling & volunteering literally half of my life, but I’ve received no’s many many times during that time.  It was tough, but I’m thankful I had friends and family who kept encouraging me when I was feeling down or defeated that it just meant I hadn’t found the position the Lord wanted me to be in, despite my having loved a few of the options for which I’d applied.  Nevertheless, the following story is going to sound a little out there, but really why should I be surprised the Lord worked in such unconventional ways?

So, as the Lord would have it, I went out to Idaho to visit my best friends for about twelve days at the end of June.  During that time, they thought of someone they had met at their new church who worked for a full time missions organization and suggested maybe he (Nate) would be a good contact that could help link me to some other opportunities.  So, we arranged an on the fly meeting one night.  As I talked and shared with him, he suggested I put in an application for a position with the organization and talk to the guy who was the head of those positions while I was around.  I went ahead and put in the application online that evening or the next and was able to connect with the other man (David) via text and phone chatting in the next few days.  We ended up arranging for me to come see the headquarters for the organization in Boise, Idaho the day I was to fly back home and David would get me to the airport afterwards.  I had always shied away from applying to support raised positions in the past for many reasons, but although I still felt a great deal of unease when I found out this position was support raised, I did not have the immediate no reaction that I typically had.  The only other big downfall was that the first opportunity for interview wasn’t supposed to be until the end of October which was much later in time frame than I had hoped, since my jobs were really only viable until around October at the latest.  I had to put everything in the Lord’s hands and just keep moving forward to see what did or didn’t happen.  I soon received word that if I could get myself to Indianapolis at the end of July I could have an interview then, instead of waiting till October.  I decided that was a good decision if for no other reason, but to know if the door would definitely be opened or closed.  In the meantime, I continued to research and apply to multiple other positions.  I felt the interview went well, but would have to wait around 3 weeks until I would hear a final decision.  During that time, I even put in two more applications for other jobs.  The Lord quickly closed both of those doors as well.  After much anxious waiting I was offered the position on August 22!  All year I have been praying for the Lord to be very clear opening or closing doors so that I would be exactly where He wanted me no matter what I thought.  This is the only door He has flung wide open!  I am happy to say I will now be able to use my skills and abilities in full time ministry and be hands and feet of Jesus doing what I love all the time!

The position I have accepted is called Mobilization Coordinator with Extreme Nazarene based in Boise, Idaho.  Basically, I will be traveling the United States & Canada sharing what Extreme Nazarene is doing and seeking individuals or couples with a passion for serving the Lord who would be willing and interested in serving abroad.  Right now, Extreme is in several South American countries and looking to branch out beyond that as the Lord opens doors.  The primary goal at this moment is church planting with a holistic and sustainable approach that I stand behind!  I look forward to opportunities to share more about this with anyone who is interested!

I have been working closely with everyone to try to get all the paperwork and essentials completed in as timely of a manner as possible.  Since this is a support raised position, much of the next 2 months will be spent praying with faith that the Lord will direct me to the right covenant partners who wish to join me in this path of continuing to broaden the Kingdom & spread the good news of Jesus and His love and forgiveness to all!  It will most assuredly have to be a Jesus thing for all the numbers to come together, but I am certain the Lord hasn’t brought me all this way without knowing exactly what is needed and how it will be provided because I do indeed serve a good God who loves and cares for each of us!

My start date is set to be October 31 with a goal of me being able to head out to Idaho by the end of October or the beginning of November.  This seems like quite a short time to complete everything, but I am thankful to have many joining me in prayer as the Lord provides the financial needs.  I will be sending out letters with a little more detail about the organization itself and my position and then making phone calls to schedule meetings to talk with people, give more detail, and answer any questions folks have.  Hopefully, by the end of next week I will also have my prayer coasters that are being printed, so I will be able to hand those out for folks, too.  Currently, I can provide a link to my page on the company website which includes both a donation link and a contact for more information link.  Please feel free to contact me via Facebook, my blog, email, phone, or the website link.  I am still working 2 jobs, but after September 10th will only be working my morning job, so I will have more free time to meet with people, speak at churches, groups, and rotaries, etc.  I plan to send out letters in waves to people so that I am actually able to make follow up phone calls for scheduling meetings, but if you haven’t or don’t receive a letter in the next few weeks and really would like one or want to plan a time to meet up with me, just let me know!

Here is the link to my page at Extreme Nazarene:

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One thought on “New Direction & Exciting Steps Forward!

  1. I love you, Kirby! Mom-Mom & I have been and will continue to keep you covered in prayer as you begin many changes in your life. It is very comforting to know that Jesus loves you very much. He is an excellent provider. We are blessed to still have you in the US. Your family loves you and encourages you as you dedicate yourself to serve within His will. Momma is pleased with your decisions and accomplishments. I am excited for you to live out the plans He has for you to give you the desires of your heart.


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