Financial Update & Move Dates

Hi everyone!  It’s been a busy couple of months.  Many of you have been following along with my mini updates on Facebook, but I wanted to make a formal update as well as give my moving information where everyone can stay in touch. 🙂

I want to start by thanking everyone who has joined with me into this journey as the Lord leads me into full time ministry.  It is an exciting, nerve-wracking, stretching, growing, uncomfortable, miraculous, love-filled process.  There are certainly many highs and lows, but I’m thankful to have Jesus on my side as a friend, counselor, encourager, and so much more!  It’s an every day process to learn to leave all the unknowns in His hands despite my anxiety over not having all the details together yet.  I’m thankful for the grace I am shown when I need to be reminded that I do not need to know all the details even when I think I do, as long as I am faithfully walking the path I am called and learning to trust more and more in His wisdom & provision!

As for my financial update, my required $8000 in one time donations is nearly complete.  I need less than $1000 and there are several people who have said they have sent/are sending in a one time donation, so I know that number will be even less very soon.  My need for monthly partnerships is still the largest prayer request.  $1600 in monthly partnerships is still required in addition to those who have said they will be a partner, for me to be able to start working with Extreme Nazarene.  I am praying for the Lord to bless some folks with a sense of peace and desire to partner on a monthly basis.  3 individuals pledging $500/month, 6-7 at $250/month, 16 at $100/month, 32 at $50/month, or 45 at $35/month can make this happen.  A partnership of any amount is much appreciated, but I hope this will help give some ideas for what the Lord may be laying on folks hearts.  I know the Lord will bless and move hearts to join this mission to spread the love of Christ and help others around the world!  For anyone who wants to be a financial partner the website to go to is:  When you get there click on the Donate button and it will take you directly to CrowneOne who processes all of our donations on a secure site.  There are many customizable options including one-time, annual, weekly, or monthly donations, many methods of payment, & start/end date options.  If there are any additional questions you can contact me or you could call (800) 326-9235 and just be sure to explain you want the donation to go to Kirby Schuler.  Anyone wanting to mail something in should make checks payable to: Extreme Nazarene with my name in the memo line.  Please be sure to include your name and address if you would like to receive a tax deductible receipt.  They should be mailed to: 4800 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, ID, 83706.

My time in Delaware is nearing the end.  I have about a week and a half here to connect with anyone who would like to plan a time to get together or chat on the phone.  Please feel free to connect with me via phone: at 302-381-5995, email:, or on my Facebook page:  I will be starting the long drive out to Idaho on the night of November 7 or in the wee hours of the morning on November 8.  My brother will be driving with me, but the goal is to arrive in Idaho by late Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning because he will need to get on a plane as early as possible on Thursday so he can make it back to Delaware by Thursday night and head to work early Friday morning.  Prayers are appreciated for safe travels, with no weather, accident, or major construction delays.  We are hoping to stop Tuesday night for a couple hours of rest somewhere around Iowa so if anyone has a connection very close to Route 80 in early to mid Iowa please let me know.  I have located a room to rent in Nampa, ID just a few blocks from where my friends are currently staying, so the Lord has indeed blessed me with this connection.  It is only about a 20-30 minute drive from Boise where Extreme Nazarene’s headquarters are located as well!  I am praying the Lord will bring the financial status together over the next couple of weeks so that I will be able to begin working in mid November as well.  If anyone has questions I haven’t answered feel free to ask me here or connect with me via any other means!  Thank you all for being a part of this journey & for helping me be the hands and feet in full time ministry as the Lord has called me & opened these doors!

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