Moving to Idaho

Since the last time I wrote a post a lot has changed.  Many of you followed along on Facebook, but I wanted to make an official update so everyone knows as well.  Last week on Tuesday the 8th and Wednesday the 9th my amazing brother helped me to make the extremely long journey from Delaware to Idaho in a U-Haul carrying my stuff with an auto transport toting my car behind.  We literally drove for 45 hours without stopping to sleep.  I’ve never done anything so long driving & hope I never have to do so again.  There was really no room for error since we had to have him at the airport in Boise, ID by about 11 am on Thursday so he could catch his flight back to the east coast and be able to be on his way to work by 8:30 am Friday morning.  We arrived in Nampa, ID (where I now live) at about 1:30 am Thursday morning.  We were finally able to sleep for about 5 or 6 hours before getting up to take care of unloading my car and taking the auto transport back before getting him to the airport.  Thankfully, we were able to get him there in time, but there was no time for him to get any rest or for me to get him breakfast even before dropping him at the airport.  I am incredibly thankful for his help in this whole process, just wish we wouldn’t have had to rush so much.  I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we were both completely beat after that 2 day journey.  Very thankful we were able to stop and have breakfast with some friends Tuesday am as a mini break through the very wide state of Nebraska, that was a much needed refresher although I hope the next time I’m in the region it will be less rushed.
Thursday, after taking my brother to the airport, I completed a few tasks, but didn’t unload the U-Haul till Friday.  Thankfully, my best friends live out here in Nampa as well, just a couple blocks away so they were able to help me get unloaded on Friday & take the U-Haul back!  I was all set up in my new place by sometime on Saturday pretty much with just a few small things here and there that I adjusted throughout the week.  This week has been full of getting all the crazy logistical pieces together from moving.  I’ve gotten my Idaho license, tags, registration, health & renter’s insurance, and made sure to update all the major things with my new address.  I’ve also begun learning a little more about the area, building a relationship with the lady I rent my space from and her children, starting to connect with those who will be my coworkers once I get to start working, & more.  I still have some smaller things to piece together as I go, but am thankful that the majority of the large projects have been accomplished and most of them fairly smoothly.  I have developed a head cold of some sort, but hope it is on the downward swing as today seems to have involved a bit less coughing & such.

I also want to give a financial update.  Currently, I cannot start working because I am still in need of around $1200 in monthly partnerships.  There are some folks who I believe will be partners that will bring this number down to closer to $1000.  I will be touching base with some of these folks this coming week.  I am still in need of a large monthly partner or several partners to round out what is needed so I can start to work.  I am extremely grateful for all who have already become partners and/or committed to do so online already!  They have helped me to get to just over 50% of the way already!  I am praying fervently that the remaining pledges that need to come in will show up over the next 2 weeks because I’d really like to start working by or before the beginning of December.  If the Lord, lays it on the right folks hearts to post online what they feel the Lord leading them to do, even if it doesn’t start till December or January, I will be allowed to begin working, but until everything is actually posted so I can show where the money will come from, I will not be allowed to begin working.  Prayers are much appreciated for my anxiousness as well as for the right partnerships to come alongside this ministry so I can begin moving forward into what the Lord has called me to do!

I know the Lord’s hands have been in every aspect of my journey thus far & I’m certain He hasn’t brought me this far to leave me, so I am thankful to know that I am a child of God learning & growing much in this journey!  It is amazing to see Him work & move in many mysterious ways!  If I can only remind myself each day that He’s got this, always has, and always will, then I will not need to spend so much time stressing & being anxious about not knowing when, where, & how all the details will come together.  I will post again soon to keep everyone informed about how things are going.  My first week in Idaho has been productive & I’m excited to see what the next steps will look like as I finalize a realistic budget and pull all the loose ends together for what it will look like to live here in Idaho for the next few years.  Again, I can’t thank my prayer supporters enough for praying for safe travels as we drove across country.  There were many times when I was 100% certain the Lord was protecting and watching out for us because He helped us avoid delays/accidents/etc.  Maybe I can share a small post sometime soon about a few of those specific examples.  Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below or on Facebook.  For anyone reading this who wants to be a financial partner I will leave the link below:

Once there click on the Donate link which will take you directly to CrowneOne who processes all the donations.  It is safe, secure, & has many customizable features.  If there are any questions or you would prefer to do something through the mail or over the phone let me know and I’ll be certain to get that information to you.  🙂

Anyone wanting to correspond with me personally via mail, this is my new address:

Kirby Schuler
1011 15th Ave. S
Nampa, ID 83651

My cell # is still the same: 302-381-5995

Personal email is:

Work email is:

Feel free to reach out to me in any means if you are interested in more information or would like to have me come speak/share at your church, mission convention, youth group, college, etc. once I get to start working.  Also, if you are interested in hearing more about the positions I will be recruiting for, I’d love to chat with you also!  I hope you all have fabulous weekends and weeks!  Thanks for everything & I hope the spirit of thanks is fulfilling this week as we focus on all we have to be thankful for! 😉

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One thought on “Moving to Idaho

  1. Very nice summary of your journey to Idaho and your first week there. You are doing very well. Keeping you and yours in prayer. Keep looking to the Lord. You are right; He’s got this situation under control. I love you!


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