Holidays, Training, Partnership, Growth, & Waiting

It’s now December and though things don’t look like I had hoped they would at this point, I’m slowly learning that it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing as long as I’m remaining in Christ’s place for me and continuing to grow and listen to all He is calling me to.  As much as I am anxious to get started full time and be able to begin this full time ministry the Lord has called me to, I’m being reminded repeatedly that to be 100% effective in ministry, you must not rush ahead of what Jesus is doing, but be willing to obediently wait for Him to move.  This does not mean sitting around idly, but rather not trying to push things and then becoming disheartened when my time line doesn’t appear to be lining up with His timeline.  I had hoped to be working full time long before now, yet I am still about $900 in monthly partnership shy of being able to do that.  Last week was a huge struggle for me, full of confusion as to why the Lord hadn’t brought everything together for me to be able to go full time in December.  After many tears, talking through some things, & allowing the Lord to show me there is more for me to learn through this time, I was able to come to a place over the weekend where I felt the Lord nudging me to use this time to give Him all my fears/anxieties/worries and receive freedom from them rather than just trying to manage/control/work through them.  A simple shift in perspective, but a huge impact in how that plays out in real life.  I know the journey in that direction will neither happen overnight or be an easy one, but it’s encouraging to know the next step in my walk with Him.  He is always calling me deeper into Him & the next piece of that is willingly giving up the need to control those things that aren’t serving me!  It’s so much bigger than just submitting my life and work to His Will!

All that being said, I was approved to start training a couple days a week this month, so that hopefully in January I will be able and ready to start working full time!  I’m excited that Thursday & Friday are my first days of training to start seeing what life will soon look like!  Most of the details of moving have been worked out.  I do have a few things left to get squared away over the next few weeks, but am very thankful that things have mostly gone smoothly & I’m pretty well settled in.  I appreciate all the prayers & encouragement throughout this process!  I look forward to being able to give an official start date for full time work, but am thankful for what the Lord is providing already and for how He has taken such good care of me always!  It is also wonderful to realize you are surrounded by many good people & that He is providing me space & time to grown in Him, reflect on all He has done in my life, where He has brought me, what He is calling me to, & giving me time to build a network of support here as well!  So many incredible things are happening, that I just need to retain the proper focus in order to keep pressing into what He has for me!

Moving through this Holiday season can always be tough.  I’ve spent several of the holidays away from family, friends, & traditions over the last 5 years.  This one will be another first & unique one as well, yet in different ways.  However, I’m excited to know that I’m right where the Lord wants me & that He is using this time as a growing & learning tool for me and my life, not just allowing me to do for others as I usually do.  No matter what the Holiday’s mean for you, I hope you receive encouragement, blessing, & daily reminders that you are loved & cared for far beyond the earthly trappings of materialism, sadness, loss, unknowns, & any number of negative ideas.  Allow this year to change you, grow you, & remind you of positive things!  Focus on what you have that is everlasting, not on the temporary things you “lack” in your current situation.  This is not to make light of missing loved ones or being in a tough situation, but rather to remind us that no situation is hopeless unless we choose to believe it is hopeless because it is always a choice what perspective we use to look at any situation.

Just as the Lord has made it clear for me this month of December is both preparation for the next 2 years of service with Him, as well as, a time of growth, change, & learning freedom as I choose to walk in His Will, I hope you will seek what this month should be for you!  As I mentioned earlier, there is still about $900 in monthly covenant partnerships needed before I am fully funded and allowed to start working full time.  This does indeed stress me out as I have no idea where that will come from, but I also know the Lord has been in every part of this journey & it’s time to trust & believe He knows where it is coming from & that it will show up at exactly the right time (which has nothing to do with my personal desired timeline).  Many things over the last few weeks have been surprising and things have shown up that were completely unexpected, more reminders that it’s got nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him!  During this process all glory belongs to Him as there is no way I could make it happen myself!  Thank you to each and every one of you who are prayer partners, financial covenant partners, and are willing to provide additional contacts for me once I am officially working, I truly could not do this without you!

If anyone is reading this and would like additional information or would like to talk with me please reach out and let me know!  I’d love to connect with anyone.  I will include links to my facebook, my donation site, and my email and phone number below.  Feel free to connect any way you like & be blessed!

My phone number is: 1-302-381-5995

My work email is:

For anyone who would like to be a financial partner or explore more about Extreme Nazarene.  My work website which also has the link for donations is:     Just click on the Donate link and it will take you to CrowneOne who processes all of our donations.

Thank you all again!

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2 thoughts on “Holidays, Training, Partnership, Growth, & Waiting

  1. Finally found you so I could get updates. I had deleted this app some time ago while on a mission where i needed to limit space on my phone. I put WordPress on again a couple of weeks ago but could not figure out where to find you till stumbling upon our thread from 2015. Yay!
    I want to apologize for any gap in my monthly support. My credit card was compromised and i had to change it which temporarily messed up the automatic deduction but it should be straight now. New card, new number etc.

    Yes, yes. Wait patiently for Him. You will not be disappointed.


    • Hey! Sorry I am just now getting back to you, glad you found me again! No need for apology, but glad you were able to get things fixed for yourself as well. I did check with CrowneOne & everything is good to go and functional. 🙂 No stress! Love you much & hope you had a wonderful Christmas! 🙂 Maybe we can chat sometime soon on the phone, too. Happy New Year!


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